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Schauensee Castle

When the Schauensee castle was built is no longer known. Certainly the fortress existed already in the 13th century, and with the fortresses of Obernau and Griesigen controlled the land way to the Brünig. According to documents, one speaks first of a Knight Rudolf von Schauensee (1257-1317). We know however that already at the beginning of the 14th century the castle was in ruins. At this time the von Schauensee family died out. At the end of the 16th century new life came back into the ruins. Johannes von Mettenwyl acquired the place and built it up again with the agreement of the Lucern government. After several proprietors it became the property of the family Meyer, who took the name of "Meyer von Schauensee". Under their proprietorship the castle took its present shape. As the overbuilding of the surrounding hillocks threatened, an action committee "Pro Schauensee" was formed in1963, under Dr Alexander Wili, with the object of putting the castle under the control of the Kriens population. After a memorable "March on Lucern" the Kriens voters authorized on the 28th April 1963 a credit of CHF 1'500'000 to purchase the castle. Since then the landmark of the Kriens valley belongs to the people of Kriens.