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Wallfahrtskirche Hergiswald

The "Pilgrimage Church" in Hergiswald consecrated in 1662 is the best known Loreto shrine in Switzerland and a fine example of early baroque holy architecture.

In this forgotten forest chapel at the foot of Pilatus, its outstanding furnishings are virtually unchanged with its black Loreto Madonna, its holy shrine, richly carved altar, theatrically staged surrounding woodwork and the huge paintings with their many coloured Mary symbols.

Hergiswald is a lost world of pictured and written belief, altogether excessive, overplayed and naïve. At the same time, this wonder world of holy passions and legends still enrapture today and are still full of mystery.

From 1489 to 1516 there lived in Hergiswald, in a hermitage, Brother Johannes Wagner from the Itting monastery, who was held by the people of Lucern in high esteem. The former chapel was rebuilt in 1621. In 1647 the chapel was endowed and withdrawn from the supervision of Kriens. It was now under the jurisdiction of Lucerne.

This same building is now more than 350 years old and is the oldest building in our commune. Noteworthy are the over 300 surviving coffer covers, painted by Kaspar Megglinger, the wonderful figure filled altar, especially the Felix altar, one of the remaining splendid furnishings, testimony of the high quality of Lucern artwork in the 17th century.


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